Sponsoring heart surgeries for those most in need

True Project Why is first and foremost an education support programme but when seeing with your heart is its watchword then it takes no time to widen your horizons. Answering every Why that comes our way has been our endeavour and what can be a more deafening why than the cry of a helpless parent in search of support to repair her child's broken heart. And when you help repair one, it did not take long for others to follow!


Raju was our first case. His father had tried in vain to raise the money needed for his surgery. We decided to help him and were able to do so.
Today he has completed his schooling and is doing his BA


Nutan a young mother of three had a congenital heart defect. She was treated and is now back home in her village in Bihar.
Read aboutthis victim of ignorance.


Spunky Babli was in need of a heart fix . It was done and she is ready to live full time! Get to know herhere
Today Babli is in boarding school in class VII and doing exceedingly well.


Shubhum was 8 when he came to us. He too had a hole in his heart. His father owns a tea stall in a small town of Bihar. Shubhum is a bright and brave boy. He was operated upon in early 2006 and is now back in his home in Bihar and in school!


For Nandini it was too late for an operation ... but not one to let anything come her way she is studying hard, top of her class and dreaming of being a doctor


Deepak came to us as a bonny baby and needed a heartfix. We were able to help him too!


Anisha and her little duck face also need heart fixing. She is now well and in school.


Mehajabi was a tiny girl when she came to us. Her family had come to Delhi from their village to get her operated upon. We helped them and she was soon hale and hearty and is now back in her village.



Rest in Peace

Some did not make it in spite of our best efforts:


A young dalit boy had to wait 14 long years but he got a brand new heart in may 2005. His operation was succesful and he recovered but sadly he passed away four years later.

Anil was 8 months old when he come to us and had spent most of them in hospital. He needed corrective cardiac surgery and was operated in March 2007 but the tiny and exhausted child did not make it and left us

Sandhya(April 2006)
Sandhya tiptoed out of ourplanet on 14/7.. find out how

Sometimes the Gods have a way we cannot fathom. Chetna did not make it! her obit