A street named

In 2005 we got a call from one of our funders telling us that an organisation had some extra 'tsunami' money and was a little weary about where the funds were going. They would rather give it to a sound organisation. The rider was that the money should be used to purchase a building or build a school.

We hunted high and low and found a quaint building with 3 build up floors on 50 square yards. The big plus was that it had a bathroom on each floor. We jumped at it. That is how we landed in Govindpuri.

We left the rented premisses in Giri Nagar and moved our creche and special section as well as our office. Later we opened a primary section as we had to close our centre in Sanjay Colony having lost our tenancy and been unable to find an alternative. However all our Sanjay Colony kids joined the Govindpuri centre.

The junior secondary centre was opened when the first batch passed out of Class V and the students urged us to start a class VI.Today we run classes I to VIII

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