true blue

We have a new teacher in our primary section at Govindpuri. But this one is truly special. Wonder why? Well she has been a student of project why since, hold your breath, she was in Nursery. Anita is a true alumni of Pwhy. This year she cleared her class XII boards and is now enrolled in B com 1st year at an evening college.

Anita lives in a slum. Her father has a small job in a factory and her mom is a housewife. She has two younger siblings. Anita has worked hard to reach where she is today and is determined to carry on and change the course of her life. We are very proud of her as she is an example of what pwhy can and does achieve.

Anita is the perfect example of what a small effort like ours can do. Our presence ensured that she sail through school with all the support needed. She passed every class with good marks and succeeded in her XIIth Boards. Today the job she has with us ensures that she can continue her education without being a strain of her family. Far from that. She even contributes to the household expenses.

Anita is a true project why success story, one we are very proud of.

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  1. Oh wow, I am so happy to read about Anita. It is good to know that she now has a teaching job with relative status and hopefully a good enough pay. Who knows, otherwise she might have to work as a housemaid or perhaps she might even have been forced into an early marriage. Project Why deserves kudos for enabling people like this bright young lady to get on their feet. Keep up the great work!

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