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The ones that are with us



 Rani was barely sixteen when she joined our wagon as an unpaid volunteer who use to come and run a small medical post that we opened for two half hours a day. She then graduated to distributing nutrition and that is when I discovered her inborn managerial talent. She learned at the speed of light and slowly but surely carved her place in project why.

Today she runs her part of the show single handedly. Over the years she carefully selected her team, hired and fired with the needed aplomb. I have never seen her buckle under any circumstance, she always conjures a better solution.

When she joined she was what you call a school drop out, not because of lack of aptitude but because she was beaten mercilessly for not bringing her fees on time and her mom decided that she should not go back. But she is not one who gives up. While working with us she completed her class X, XII and is now sitting for her BA final exams. What is amazing is that she never took a day off.

Today she heads all our centres in Giri Nagar, Govindpuri and Okhla.



Anita was one of our first students and joined Project Why in nursery. She continued her studies with us and secured her class XII Boards. After finishing school, she wanted to study further but her family was too poor to support her studies. That is when she came to us and asked us if we could give her a job to enable her to finance and thus pursue her education. We did!

She joined as a teacher in our Govindpuri Primary and when we began secondary classes she was the obvious choice. She is a very intelligent young woman and a great teacher.

Anita registered for a B Com and passed it and is now preparing for her Masters in Commerce.


Mithu lost the use of his legs when he contracted polio at a young age. As his family was unable to provide the needed care, his muscle atrophied and he was compelled to 'walk' on his hands. His never say die spirit resulted in his being extremely independent and doing what everything a child would do, even play cricket and climb trees!

When he came to us he was in his teens and we were keen he pursue his education but his heart was in computers. He joined our computer course and learnt at the speed of light. We decided to appoint him as teacher's aid and when we opened our computer centre in Okhla he took charge.


The celeb


Sanjay belongs to the Lohar Community, a nomadic tribe of ironsmith that live in camps strewn across roadsides in the city. He was a teenager when we opened a centre in the Camp located in our vicinity. He joined as a student and secured his school leaving certificates. He then joined Project Why as a primary teacher.

A filmaker interested in making a documentary on a success story decided to take on Sanjay as a subject. In the course of the filming, Sanjay shared his dream: making it to Bollywood. He did not make it as an actor but with the help of the Director of the film, was able to become a ramp model. Sanjay has walked the ramp both in India and Paris!

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Breaking barriers


Many of our students have broken the barriers of poverty in which they were born and have secured employment in banks, BPOs, media an business houses and are earning handsome salaries. Many have got married and have started their own families.